What do you wear to a mud run?

What do you wear to a mud run?  For those that are new, or returning but need a refresher, we have a the top 5 suggestions from the seasoned Mud Mashers…
  1. Dress practical. You want to avoid cotton and anything heavy. Don’t wear big, cotton t-shirts or sweatpants. …
  2. Protection. There are obstacles in a mud run that can cause cuts and bruises. … consider wearing knee pads
  3. Durable clothing. Our obstacles are demanding. … Most people wear leggings or long workout pants to protect their legs through the obstacles
  4. Footwear.  Start with great socks and wear shoes that you aren’t hoping to preserve (its likely they will be so muddy that you will want to trash them).
  5. Duct tape.  Consider taping your shoes before the run, shoes can easily get sucked off of your feet and stuck in the mud (I know because it happened to me the very first time and I ran the rest of the race with a ton of mud in them – it was terribly uncomfortable).

Don’t forget to register today at https://www.raceentry.com/races/nash-ranch-mud-mash/2018/register.  Don’t forget the prices go up $5 per entry on September 2nd.

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